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プレスリリース/press releases
・Men's Gourmet

「男の食彩」の「取り寄せ ごちそう・賛」のコラムにえがらまんじゅうの記事が掲載されました。
NHK出版 男の食彩 2001年 9月号 p55

An article of Egara manjyu was in a NHK Publishing textbook 'Otoko no syokusai' ( which means Men's Gourmet.)
P.55 Sep. 2001 issued NHK Publishing 'Otoko no Syokusai'


るるぶ情報版 金沢 能登 北陸 '01~'02 p153
るるぶ情報版 石川 2001 p93

An article of Egara manjyu in those guide books "Rurubu information."
Kanazawa Noto Hokuriku version '01-'02 P.153
Ishikawa version 2001 P.93

・NHK Broadcasting

平成14年5月5日(日)(衛星第2 全国生放送)

By the NHK Broadcasting "Oh-i nippon - kyouha tokoton Ishikawaken," Tsukamoto may be introduced in that program on 5th of May '02 (Sun) (BS2 Live). Looking forward to seeing there!!



This page is opened by the Wajima tourist agency.


He introduces us in his travel journals.


NHK出版 男の食彩 2001年 9月号 p55
NHK Publishing 'Otoko no Shokusai' 2001/9 p55
男の食彩ページ まんじゅう 石川・輪島市
饅頭処 つかもと


Introduced by Mr. Kamatari
I believe all lovers of rice sweets cannot help craving them.
It is steamed sweets with smooth sweeten red beans covered by waxy rice putting chunk of rice colored yellow by Kuchinasi flower around.
I would rather describe it Mochi before pound instead Manjyu.
It is 7-8cm of diameter and round shape.
It is always the best way to eat right after it was just steamed there. However, it's also enjoyable to chew the manjyu little by little due to harder and harder after left it for a while. Of course it becomes tender again when you re-steam it. It has really graceful taste even though 'Egara' named after 'Iga'(spiky chest nut shell).
The shop is located on the corner of Asaichi Street. If you have chance to visit them, I would recommend that you order very fresh one, so tasty.

るるぶ情報版 金沢 能登 北陸 '01~'02 p153
rurubu Kanazawa Noto Hokuriku '01~'02 p153
Iga transformed into egara originally.
饅頭処 つかもと/Tukamoto

朝市名物「えがらまんじゅう」 あざやかな黄色は、クチナシの花の実の成分で色付けしたもの。天然素材だから安心。ツブツブしているのはモチ米。その中にこし餡。米ツブの食感と、モチのカオ、そしてやさしい甘さのアンコが絶妙のハーモニー。蒸したてをその日にうちに食べるのが一番ですが、冷凍庫で保存して、温めなおしても十分美味。

Description of Egara manjyu:
Very brilliant yellow color of "Egara manjyu" is made from all natural, Kuchinasi flower. Chunky touch comes from waxy rice stuffed smooth red beans inside.
It is a perfect harmony of unique texture, the figure itself and mild tender sweetness of red beans.
The most delicious way to taste it, I recommend you to eat it right after you bought. However, it is still delicious even re-steamed after you put them in a freezer for a while.
るるぶ情報版 石川 2001 p93
rurubu Ishikawa 2001 p93
Very brilliant yellow Egara manjyu.

You can buy 'Egara manjyu' which covered with yellow rice colored by Kuchinashi flower, at souvenir manjyu shop 'Tsukamoto'.
It costs 120yen for each. It's good walking around with eating Egara manjyu.